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Vinyl heat transfer has traditionally been a easy method of decorating textiles with a simple colour design or text. There are no set up costs and it's easy to apply on most types of material and textiles. This makes it the ideal process for customising sports kits with individual names and numbers or for one-off promotional t-shirts for a stag/hen do etc.

Technological advances have opened up new possibilities for this type of printing with the introduction of transfer papers. These enable us to produce photographic quality images and are perfect for the application of full colour logos, lettering, designs and numbers to almost every type of workwear, promotional or leisurewear garments.

Vinyl Flex

A quick guide to vinyl heat transfer

Vinyl transfer film is perfect for printing onto light or dark colour garments including t-shirts, waterproof jackets, caps, bags and safety wear. If you require individual names, initials or numbers applied to your clothing, vinyl heat transfer is the ideal choice for printing single or two colour designs.

Vinyl film is incredibly versatile, easy to apply and is available in a wide range of colours and a number of finishes including flock, fluorescent, metallic and glitter effects which are also suited for other applications.

Cutting plotterzoom

Plotting the artwork

The heat transfer printing process starts by connecting a computer to a plotter used to cut vinyl via special software. A small rotating blade in the plotter traces the design and cuts to the depth of the clear backing, not all the way through the film.

Excess vinyl is removedzoom

Cutting out the design

Once the vinyl media has been removed from the cutter it has to be weeded out where the waste material is separated from the positive artwork

Heat press machine transferring design on to a t-shirtzoom

Heat pressing the transfer

The cut-outs are then placed on top of the textile or garment, a backing material is placed over the top of this to prevent overheating and then a heat press is used to bond the vinyl design onto the fabric underneath with a combination of fairly high pressure and heated pads. The result is the vinyl design remains on the garment.

Vinyl printed t-shirtzoom

The finished article

The end product has some desirable traits which can make it a good choice for your garment decoration: Clean and sharp edges make the design stand out. Colours can be very bright and vibrant and the variety of visual and textural effects available can make your finished clothing look truly unique.

Set-up charges/pricing

If you require individual names, initials or numbers printed onto your clothing see the chart below for pricing. There are no setup costs involved, however vinyl transfer printing is more suited to short runs as the price per garment can be more expensive due to the production process.

Custom thermal transfer garment prices are based on:

  • Type of garment to be printed
  • Total quantity of garments
  • The number of print locations
Vinyl transfer pricing table
Type of Transfer Cost (£)
Individual initials £1.60
Individual small names £1.85
Small numbers £1.95
Name on back of shirt £2.50
Number on back of shirt £2.85
Name & number on back of shirt £5.00
Price shown per garment.
Oki White toner print on black t-shirt

Printing in white on dark garments (WoW 7.7)

WoW transfer paper provides a way of transfer printing white graphics and text, alongside vibrant colours onto darker garments and textiles. It has a softer finish, more akin to the screen printing process and is capable of producing complex designs with outstanding graphics quality.

It is not restricted to particular fabric types such as cotton or polyester and can be applied to more exotic materials such as phone cases, wood and leather, expanding the mediums that you can have customised with your own designs!

TTC 3.1 transfer Paper

Textile transfer paper (TTC 3.1)

Textile transfer paper is perfect for printing short-run full colour transfers onto white or pastel coloured fabrics including sweatshirts, pique fabrics, canvas even other materials such as mouse mats and umbrellas. The design is printed onto a special A4+ paper using a high quality laser printer then bonded straight to the garment using a standard heat press.

Gymboree transfer logozoom

TTC transfers are easy to apply and produce a durable finished product with a soft feel. The manufacturers recommend washing at 60 degrees centigrade although we suggest an inside-out wash at 40 degrees centigrade to improve the durability of the decoration and for an extended lifetime of the finished garment.

Plastisol transfer print on purple hoody

What are plastisol heat transfers?

Plastisol transfers are created by screen printing your designs onto heat transfer (release) paper instead of printing directly onto your garments. These sheets of prepared films can then be stored and transferred onto your clothing on demand using a standard heat press.

Plastisol heat transfers, as general rule have a minimum shelf life of twelve months (one year) but usually last far longer than this provided the stock is stored in a stable temperature with a low humidity level. This makes them suitable for jobs where quantities may depend on sales or where the total quantity of prints required is unknown.

Benefits of plastisol transfers

If you need to frequently reprint your designs in small quantities, then plastisol heat transfers can be one of the cost effective decoration methods. There are other benefits to using this method of clothing printing, including:

  • Versatile application onto almost any garment
  • Durable, professional quality finish
  • Speciality printing techniques can be implemented
  • Fast turn around times

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