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Express Yourself: The Power of Custom T-Shirt Printing


Custom t-shirt printing has grown in popularity in recent years, allowing people to express their unique style and personality through their clothing. Custom t-shirts provide a creative outlet for self-expression, whether it's a clever slogan, a favourite quote or a custom design. In this blog post, we will look at the power of custom t-shirt printing and how it has transformed the fashion industry. We'll look at everything from the rise of online printing services to the impact on personal branding.


How to Choose the Perfect Size for Uneek Clothing: The Complete Guide


A4 Apparel is aware of how crucial it is to obtain the ideal fit when purchasing clothing. Because of this, we are here to give you the most comprehensive advice on selecting the appropriate size for Uneek Clothing. This thorough guide will assist you in making knowledgeable decisions and guarantee that your clothing fits you well, whether you're seeking attractive workwear or comfortable casual wear.


Which Squeegee is best for Screen Printing


What is a squeegee?

A squeegee is used in screen printing for pushing ink through a mesh screen. There are few different types of inks such as plastisol ink, water-based ink and discharge ink that need different squeegees to push ink through the mesh. I will be going into depth on types of inks in another post. Squeegees are used for automatic screen printing machines (M&R Auto) and manual machines . We decide what type of squeegee to use by its colour and it’s hardness which is measured with a durometer.


Wholesale T-Shirt Printing Service


A4 Apparel provide a comprehensive wholesale t shirt printing, company t shirt printing and promotional t shirt printing service in the UK and worldwide. As a leading wholesale t shirt printing apparel company, we are able to produce incredibly large orders according to clients exact specifications of design and quality at very competitive prices. Our company t shirt printing service is designed to allow companies order specific clothing branded with their corporate image. The A4 promotional t shirt printing service has been used by many international brands including 20th Century Fox and Smirnoff specifically for promotional purposes.