Vinyl & Heat Transfer

for printed personalised sportswear & workwear

Transfer printing is ideal for short print runs with no set up costs

Heat transfer printing has traditionally been an easy method of decorating textiles with a simple colour design or text. There are no set-up costs and it's easy to apply to most types of material and textiles. This makes it the ideal process for customising sports kits with individual names and numbers or for one-off promo t-shirts for a stag/hen do etc.

Technological advances have opened up new possibilities for this type of printing with the introduction of print & cut printers. These enable us to produce photographic quality images and are perfect for the application of full-colour logos, lettering, designs and numbers to almost every type of workwear, promotional or leisurewear garments.

Vinyl transfer printing processes

Our most popular heat transfer printed clothing

Vinyl transfer Print example

Vinyl transfer printing

Vinyl transfer film is perfect for printing onto light or dark colour garments including t-shirts, waterproof jackets, caps, bags and safety wear. If you require individual names, initials or numbers applied to your clothing, vinyl heat transfer is the ideal choice for printing single or two-colour designs.

Vinyl film is incredibly versatile, easy to apply and is available in a wide range of colours and a number of finishes including flock, fluorescent, metallic and glitter effects which are also suited for other applications.

  • Vinyl Cutting plotter

    Plotting the artwork

    The heat transfer printing process starts by connecting a computer to a plotter used to cut vinyl via special software. A small rotating blade in the plotter traces the design and cuts to the depth of the clear backing, not all the way through the film.

  • Weeding out the design, the excess vinyl is removed

    Cutting out the design

    Once the vinyl media has been removed from the cutter it has to be weeded out where the waste material is separated from the positive artwork in preparation for the next stage of the process

  • Heat press machine transferring the design on to a t-shirt

    Heat pressing the vinyl

    The cut-outs are placed on top of the garment and then a heat press is used to bond the vinyl design onto the fabric underneath with a combination of fairly high pressure and heated pads. The result is the vinyl design remains on the garment.

  • The finished vinyl printed t-shirt

    The final result

    The end product has clean and sharp edges and the colours are bright and vibrant. The variety of vinyl media available such as glitter or glow in the dark can make your finished clothing look truly unique.

Vinyl transfer print pricing

If you require individual names, initials or numbers printed onto your clothing see the table for print pricing. There are no setup costs involved, however, vinyl transfer printing is more suited to short runs as the price per garment can be more expensive due to the production process.

Every blank (undecorated) garment has its own cost which you can refer to on the relevant product detail page which obviously needs to be added to the print price. You can always get a quick vinyl printing quote from us if you prefer

Custom vinyl heat transfer printing prices are based on:

  • Type of garment to be printed
  • Total quantity of garments
  • The number of print locations
Vinyl transfer price table - Prices shown are ex VAT per garment.
Type of Transfer Cost (£)
Individual initials £1.60
Individual small names £1.85
Small numbers £1.95
Name on back of shirt £2.50
Number on back of shirt £2.85
Name & number on back of shirt £5.00

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Digital Transfer Printing

Full colour digital heat transfers

Digital transfer printing is perfect for decorating light or dark colour garments with full-colour designs or brand logos that contain gradients and is a great solution for the cost-effective production of personalised clothing. We can decorate almost any fabric including workwear & sportswear, caps, bags and other textile accessories.

The print & cut printer we use prints in 4 colours (CMYK) like a standard desktop inkjet printer and special effects can be achieved with a metallic silver ink which is ideal for creating striking effects on your clothing adding luxurious accents and a premium value.

  • Desktop Printer Cutter

    Print & cut the artwork

    The first stage of digital transfer printing involves a desktop inkjet print & cut machine which is used to print your design onto special ultra-thin print media then cut it out

  • Weeding out the design

    Weed out & stick

    The printed transfer is left to dry then the waste material is weeded out from the positive artwork and then stuck to standard application tape in preparation for the next stage

  • Heat press machine transferring the design on to a t-shirt

    Heat pressing the transfer

    The transfer is placed on top of the garment and pressed with medium pressure for about 20 seconds which bonds the transfer to the garment

  • Digital transfer printed hoody

    The finished article

    The finished print has clean and sharp edges and the colours are bright and vibrant. To ensure the longevity of the transfer the garment is best washed inside out up to 60°C.

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