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Affordable Personalised Embroidered Clothing

We specialise in custom embroidery service for bespoke clothing and workwear. Add your own unique design or business brand to a wide range of clothing including shirts and t-shirts, hoodies, fleeces, polos, shirts and baseball caps.

With our low minimum order of 10 garments, fast turnaround times and budget friendly prices, our personalised embroidery service is suitable for individuals and businesses alike. We also take bulk embroidery orders.

We supply high-quality and durable embroidered clothing to a large range of clients including many recognised brands found on the UK high street and stock a comprehensive range of garments that are all suitable for embroidery.

Close up of embroidery stitching

Our most popular embroidered clothing

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Embroidered clothing positions

Placement for Embroidery

Embroidery is the preferred method of garment decoration for corporate and workwear clothing as it looks classy, is durable and is an effective way of promoting your company, club or promotional event. Our embroidery process can be applied to virtually all types of clothing including shirts and t-shirts, hoodies, embroidered polo shirts and baseball caps being amongst the favourites.

We can embroider your logo or design up to ten colours in a number of locations. Usually, the garment decoration will be an embroidered left chest or sleeve design but see the graphic for other common embroidery locations.

Embroidery Techniques

  • Live well project embroidery sample

    Satin thread embroidery

    Satin stitch embroidery is ideal for lettering, single colour logos or small designs and provides a clean, elegant look. Available in a large range of threads, your logo or design can be colour matched to your corporate identity to create a long-lasting professional-looking garment.

  • Polo shirt embroidery sample

    Tatami/Fill stitch embroidery

    Tatami or 'fill' stitch runs the stitches close together and is used for a variety of purposes. For example, to fill in a banner under lettering or to fill any large area with colour. Different looks can be created by adjusting the stitch length, its angle and the density of the stitch.

  • Operation Cougar embroidery sample

    Patterned fill stitch embroidery

    The pattern fill is great for adding dimension to designs that would otherwise look flat. There are many patterns that can be created that will add interest to your artwork including the appearance of shading.

  • 3D embroidered cap

    3D/Puffy embroidery

    3D embroidery is great when you want your design to really stand out. It is commonly seen on baseball caps. A piece of foam is stitched over with thread to create a raised effect.

Embroidery Thread Available

If you have specific colours in mind or need to match the colours in your corporate identity please provide Pantone reference numbers so we can match the Madeira thread colour as close as possible. We use the Pantone Solid Coated Guide for colour matching.

Download the Madeira Classic thread colour guide and the Pantone colour to Madeira colour conversion chart using the links below to help you choose the colour of your embroidery thread.

Madeira Thread Colours
Digitised logo

Embroidery digitising cost

In order for your design to be embroidered it needs to be digitised and converted into a file format that an embroidery machine can read. A skilful digital artist uses embroidery digitising software to interpret your artwork design from either a vector formatted artwork or other image (AI, CDR, DST, EMB, EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG, PSD or TIFF) to a digital embroidery pattern.

At A4 Apparel pricing for this process is totally transparent; in general, large complex designs cost more than simple text. For example, an embroidery made up of plain text will cost roughly £15 to get digitised whereas an embroidered left chest logo costs between £20 - £25. If you require a large area of your garment embroidered or if your design is of a more complex nature please call us on 01271 816158.

Embroidery pricing based on quantity & stitch count

There is no minimum order for embroidered garment decoration, however, the prices for getting your clothing embroidered are based on a sliding scale. i.e. the greater the quantity of embroidered garments you require, the less the cost per item. There are a number of additional factors which must be taken into account that may alter the embroidery price which are:

  • Type of garment
  • Total quantity of garments
  • The complexity of your design
  • How many stitches in your design
  • The number of locations you want to be embroidered

The embroidery pricing table on each product page shows prices for embroidering your design based on the number of garments you require and the number of stitches in your design. The number of stitches in a design is calculated when your artwork is digitised. Each individual blank (undecorated) garment has its own cost so once you have chosen your clothing, use the pricing calculator to work out the embroidery price and garment price. Alternatively get a no obligation quick quote for custom embroidery. Our prices are displayed exclusive of VAT by default but you can turn the VAT on and off with the switch at the top of the page.

NB: All prices in the table are based on purchasing your clothing from A4 Apparel. If you wish to supply your own clothing a 20% price increase will be added to all embroidery prices.

Embroidery Pricing Charts

Plain garment price for 25 Regatta Dover Jackets = £18.37 ea
Embroidery price for 25 x Regatta Dover Jackets with 5000 stitches = £2.40 ea
Total Price: £18.37 + £2.40 = £20.77 ea

Embroidery Pricing Table

Nø of Garments2000 Stitches3000 Stitches4000 Stitches5000 Stitches6000 Stitches7000 Stitches8000 Stitches9000 Stitches10000 Stitches
10 - 24 £2.00£2.20£2.40£2.60£2.80£3.00£3.20£3.40£3.60
25 - 49 £1.80£2.00£2.20£2.40£2.60£2.80£3.00£3.20£3.40
50 - 99 £1.50£1.70£1.85£2.00£2.15£2.30£2.45£2.60£2.75
100 - 174 £1.35£1.50£1.65£1.80£1.95£2.10£2.25£2.40£2.55
175 - 249 £1.27£1.40£1.53£1.65£1.78£1.90£2.03£2.15£2.38
250 - 499 £1.20£1.30£1.40£1.50£1.60£1.70£1.80£1.90£2.00
500 - 999 £0.95£1.05£1.15£1.25£1.35£1.45£1.55£1.65£1.75
1000 - 1499 £0.70£0.80£0.90£1.00£1.10£1.20£1.30£1.35£1.40
1500 - 1999 £0.60£0.70£0.80£0.90£0.99£1.10£1.20£1.25£1.30
2000+ £0.50£0.60£0.70£0.80£0.90£0.99£1.10£1.20£1.30

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